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Scoops Dog Ice Cream

Specifically made ice cream for your four legged family member!

Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs was designed by Marshfields' Ice Cream and is described as a product to 'get tails wagging'.

Specially made doggy ice cream with fresh farm milk and added a lactase enzyme to reduce the lactose for those with sensitive tummies.  It contains decreased fat and sugar content (from Marshfield's Farm Vanilla in Clotted Cream recipe), and added vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 oils.

It also has joint care supplements from GWF Nutritionists to create a complementary dog feed designed as a treat for dogs. Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs includes:

  • Glucosamine – for joint care

  • Hemp oil rich in Omega 3 – for a glossy coat

  • Vitamin C – for the immune system

  • Curcumin – a natural anti inflammatory

We love seeing pictures of your dogs enjoying their treat! Follow our Instagram page for pictures of our happy four legged customers so far and tag your pictures @josie_sicecream to be featured on our page.

Scoops Dog Ice Cream

£2.50 per tub

Only £2.50 per tub.

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